Thermo Elastoplast (TR) is rightly considered as the ideal material for the production of winter footwear soles.


We have identified several major advantages of the TR sole:


  • High frost resistance. The material is stable for low temperatures (-40 °), so the sole TR in the cold does not deform, does not crack and retains its quality.

  • High coefficient of friction with the surface (asphalt, ice, snow). Prevents injury in winter.

  • Heat saving. TR best retains heat and prevents feet from getting wet.

We are convinced of these qualities of TR not the first winter season. Therefore, the material was chosen by us for the development of our own winter sole "IKOS". The designing of the sole is an exciting process. But the main focus of course was on functionality and practicality.


The IKOS sole has a special tread that is designed for better grip on the shoe. And in the most important areas of the foot that freeze up most often (sock and heel clean), the TR was thickened for better heat retention. Such thickening also helps to minimize the wear of the sole and accordingly its durability.


From all of the shoe components the sole receives the highest load while walking. Therefore, we advise you to look carefully at the shoe warehouse and be warmed not only well but also properly :)