In general there is no written code for sock selection. Everything about style is more like a creative process where details have a special place. But there are some principles that have evolved over the years and are discussed in profile blogs. We want to share them with you.


Socks are matched to pants, not shoes.


This is an important rule of business etiquette and applies mainly to formal meetings and events with a strict dress code. Ideally the color of the socks should be a few tones darker than the pants.  For example, you plan to wear a gray suit with brown shoes. Which socks to choose: gray or brown? Definitely gray!  The reason is simple - if you have to take off your shoes, your look will be better if the socks fit into your pants.



Colored socks are a force in contrast.


There are no rules which clothes or shoes to wear colored socks with. Creative exotic patterns, geometric prints and a variety of colors are welcome here. Wearing such socks you express your individuality, confidence and show your sense of style. For those who do not venture on rhombuses or "goose foot" we recommend to choose bright monochrome socks.  They will allow to revive the image and to bring highlight into your outfit.


White socks with sportswear and shoes only.


White socks are excluded at all in business style. Nowadays most blogs tell us that it's not necessary to pair white socks even with casual clothes. There is an unwritten rule: do not wear white socks with anything but sneakers. However here are some exceptions: white socks will definitely come in handy in the combination of white pants + white shoes. Here it is only necessary to remember that there are a lot of shades of white.

Summer shoes on barefoot.


Sandals and espadrilles are worn solely on the bare foot. Wearing moccasins with socks is also not recommended. And do not wear socks to shorts and cropped pants in any case.


If everything is clear with sandals and slingbacks, then with closed-type shoes (moccasins, loafers, topsiders) there are compromises. In order this shoe to be worn comfortably on the bare foot it must be prepared. Natural inner surface, no rough internal seams and of course a comfortable pad. Dermatologists thus advise to use means for disinfection of footwear and to give footwear rest for 12-24 hours. For those whom wearing moccasins is uncomfortable on their bare feet, its better to use so-called invisible socks (traces) that simply will not be visible from under the shoes.